OnTheButton is a school management software package; OTB  improves communication and augments your existing MIS, with the provision and implementation of additional features, which can be tailored via a customisable interface. This allows schools to focus the product to address issues important to their users.

Users interact with their data via a web browser. No additional software is required on client computers, so users avoid the frustration of waiting for updates to download. OTB operates with any browser and works comfortably with PCs, Macs or other computers (eg tablets, smart phones).

Schools are individual with differing goals and priorities.  For that reason OTB provides an extended range of services, customisable by the school which allows each individual school to use OTB to reflect their own improvement plans.

OTB has been developed for and by experienced teachers, working with a professional software analysis, development and programming company.  

OTB consists of core and optional components and is used by schools in many Local Authorities.

Genkior Systems Ltd, the creators, would be delighted to offer a demonstration, by an experienced user. Send us an email, or give us a call.