Analyses are a key feature on OnTheButton ; they allow you to extract information from your data by posing queries.  Analyses can be run automatically according to a weekly schedule.  Typically output would be sent as an email attachment to appropriate staff. Users can:

  • create as many scheduled analyses as you require
  • schedule an analysis to perform a task, eg to text parents about absence from class
  • schedule analysis output to be sent to the “library” (a shared document area for staff)
  • a schedule allows a regular snapshot of behavioural referrals to be delivered to key staff, eg guidance, HoH


When determining the day(s) and time(s) for an analysis to run consider that some analyses can be very processor intensive. Running these during the school day may impact on the performance of your OTB server and affect the response time for users.

Processor intensive analyses may best be run overnight.

Analysis output can be sent to multiple recipients.  Intended recipients require role permissions which allow them to view the analysis output.