This option places your OnTheButton server in a secure server farm, within the European Union. Your school incurs an annual charge for this hosting service.

Access to OTB can be made available from anywhere; eg school, home etc. Backups are organised by Genkior.

Your school has the usual benefits associated with an outsourced service:

  • managed service (latest Operating System, latest OTB updates)
  • releases LEA specialist IT staff for strategic goals



This option places your OnTheButton server on your Local Area Network (LAN). Your school provides a server of suitable specification. This server is configured by Genkior Systems Ltd.

A LAN configuration offers the best bandwidth access to OTB. Access from home, or any address external to your LAN, will only be possible if your LEA provides such a facility.

Backups remain the responsibility of the school.

Your school bears the capital cost of the server together with any replacements over the years.


It is possible to move an OTB instance from LAN to hosted (or vice versa) if you later decide you wish to change the hosting arrangements.