Once you decide to proceed with OTB you may wish to consider:

  • which components to adopt (the trial of some components is also possible)
  • where to locate your OTB server (hosted, LAN, virtual machine)
  • liaising with the LEA, eg GDPR, ICT colleagues, procurement
  • configuring your OTB and its components
  • importing staff and student data (usually by working with your office staff)
  • introducing teaching staff to the system (usually lead by a school SMT person, with our support)
  • arranging follow-up meetings for key staff (guidance, SMT, office)


How long?

We are often asked how long it takes to implement a new OTB system. It depends upon the completion of items listed above; we have created a customised system in 3 weeks. Conversely delays outwith the school and our control may introduce delays.