An accessible shared calendar is essential in modern efficient schools. This component allows users to publish calendar events and determine the view permissions for particular entries. Personal calendars are possible. The export facility allows users to carry up-to-date calendars on their tablet or mobile phone.

  • Create events categories; eg holiday, in-service, parents evening, assembly, personal, ICT committee
  • Allocate different colours to different types of event
  • Allocate permissions, for individual events; ie determine who can view and edit event details
  • Print calendar; in whole or in part; select portions of a calendar to be printed
  • Email notice; advise selected users of new or amended calendar entries
  • Central storage point, providing easy access for multiple users
  • Export a calendar; as a “€œcsv”€ file or in “€œical”€ format for, say, “€œOutlook”€
  • Import a calendar, from icalendar, eg Google calendar or from OSX machines
  • Calendar entries can be selected for inclusion and transmission via OTB digital signage