Prepare and record class cover; share this information with colleagues. Class cover is a key part of absence management and an efficient cover system is essential for smooth school operation.

  • record today’s absent staff
  • record future known absences
  • identify and record surplus “non-contact” time or staff liability for cover; essential to enable future planning
  • allocate cover teachers
  • improved communication & information sharing
  • publish cover on school’s OTB website
  • email advice to staff, showing classes they should cover
  • record, per teacher, the weekly total of cover lessons
  • retain an archive for future reference



  • determine which type of period is offered as needing cover (perhaps “teaching” and “registration”)
  • determine permissions on role by role basis; eg users who
    • can do cover
    • cannot do cover

For example, cover cannot be done by users with non-teaching roles, eg office staff, education welfare officers. OTB allows you to allocate the appropriate attribute to specific roles.