Digital signage systems, often in public areas, eg reception, foyer. They provide a focus for visitors, pupils and staff and provide a variety of information. However, maintaining a dynamic display can be time consuming, because content must be entered in addition to configuring the display layout. Displays may end up almost static as a consequence.

OTB digital signage allows you to incorporate content already stored in OTB automatically. This means your display will always show up-to-date dynamic information.

Use OTB  to create, edit and generate:

  • provide dynamic content for a commercial signage system
  • provide dynamic content for a specific webpage


OTB digital signage delivers a ready source of dynamic information, eg house points, pupil lists (perhaps for an outing)

  • remote management from any networked machine
  • the content displayed can be automatically altered based on the time of day, eg the display could be school focused during the school day yet alter after school hours to reflect after school activites or public access facilities
  • the usual features such as change background, date, time content, last minute changes

OTB digital signage can display layers of user-defined content, at whatever position, in whatever colours etc have been selected.