Store event details and provides a mechanism for others to book their place on events.

  • Enter event details; eg event title, date, venue, time, course provider, places available
  • Bookings; eg book yourself onto an event, cancel booking, join waiting list
  • Waiting list; eg be automatically promoted to participant if a vacancy arises
  • View attendees; list of participants available to course tutor & participants
  • Attendance register; stored for future reference
  • Email; automatically email all participants, when course details change; eg date, time, venue changes
  • Course Evaluations; reminders to participants, to complete online evaluations
  • Evaluation Questions; the event organiser can define the evaluation questions for the event
  • Roles; determine which groups of people may create an event
  • Overview for CPD co-ordinator
  • Calendar; automatically update your individual calendar with an entry in your personal calendar when you register for an event.
  • CPD; automatically update individual Continuous Professional Development records for those who attended the course.