Prepare plans for identified pupils.  All types of plans are possible, eg Individual Support Plans, Individual Care Plans, Individual Behaviour Plans, etc.

OnTheButton¬†assists schools to meet their requirements to record and address any “factor which may cause a barrier to learning”.

The plan name can be changed to reflect local or national guidelines and also allows the preparation of separate Individual Behaviour Plans / Individual Care Plans etc.

  • Set & record long & short term targets
  • Record information which supports pupil learning
  • Summarise support provided for individual pupils
  • Promotes SMART targets; ie specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & trackable
  • Management Monitoring & Analysis; eg statistical returns, including those for Scottish Executive
  • Print output in the required format, eg A5, A4, landscape, portrait


Legislation suggests targets should cover numeracy, communication and language, personal and social development. Schools may create additional “subjects”, with targets, if this better serves the pupil’s needs.