This module supports pupils with Social, Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD). It allows you to record pupil interventions and track their impact on individual pupil goals.

Once learners have been identified as having SEBD it is important that all relevant information is recorded and accessible to staff. Information can be presented in reports for external agencies, parents/carers.

Assist staff by highlighting interventions to goals learning styles, eg relating to behaviour, learning attributes, triggers, interruptions.

Record learning styles

This might allow you to select interventions appropriate to the pupil.

  • visual
  • aural
  • verbal
  • physical
  • logical
  • social
  • solitary


Identify goals, eg

  • improve handwriting
  • improve anger management



  • define available interventions, eg
    • store intervention attributes
    • store provider details, eg contact name, address, phone
  • maintain a history of interventions used, per pupil, eg


Evaluate interventions

Evaluate and record the success of an intervention in supporting an individual pupil to attain a given goal.

Over time it may be possible to gain an overview of particular interventions and hence determine their worth. This may be especially important in the case of expensive outsourced interventions.

You may determine your own evaluation scale, eg

  • highly successful
  • moderately successful
  • provided some improvement
  • made no difference