Provides an opportunity to record and review pupil progress within the Broad General Education (BGE) and record their progress against:

  • Benchmarks
  • Experiences & Outcomes
  • Significant Aspects of Learning


Assessment results are entered by class teachers via their familiar class list.

  • define “areas of the curriculum”€
  • define the component name, eg learning matrix
  • assign “areas of the curriculum”€ to applicable department(s)
  • devolved to departments; ability to create, edit their own headers
  • devolved to departments; ability to create their own activities which contribute to assessment evidence
  • overview for senior staff
  • enter assessment result terminology, eg developing, secure or bronze, silver, gold
  • review individual pupil history


The import feature allows a fully populated framework to be applied, based on the nine areas of the curriculum, including the key information from:

  • professional learning papers
  • assessing progress and achievement


Note: The most recent updates to these papers are available, from Genkior systems, and can be applied to your OTB system.