Prepare, store and access professional, personalised, letters.  Preparation and creation of letters can be devolved to appropriate staff.  Different letters can be configured so they require approval prior to being printed or emailed, eg by house head, year head, principal teacher etc.

OnTheButton  letters can prepare, collate and automatically generate letters to parents. Letters can make correct use of the gender information already stored in OTBeg {his/her} or {son/daughter}. In this way generic letters can be prepared which will correctly use the appropriate pronoun when generated which creates a better impression for the reader.

Personalised letters are likely to include a number of parameters or variables. These allow you to customise the letter contents. For example, a letter may use 3 variables as part of the letter; the user provides details for:

  • reason
  • date of detention
  • opportunity to select a signature file

The letter creator simply completes the parameters to be included.

Letters are developed by preparing “layouts”; a letter may contain a number of different “sub-layouts”, eg

  • school headed paper
  • school footer (to appear the base of each letter)
  • return or acknowledgement page, for parent/carer signature


Letters can be printed straightaway, but they can also be left on the system.  A scheduled task gathers all letters and delivered as PDF, to office staff, for printing.  Once finalised letters may be emailed to the recipient.