Store, categorise and retrieve many types of documents. OnTheButton Library could be used to share policy documents, prelim timetables, questionnaire documents, consultation documents, guideline documents.  By storing documents in one place staff are confident they are accessing the most recent version.

  • Store different document types; eg text, presentations, audio, video
  • Create your own filesystem categories; eg policies, newsletters, consultations, career, exams
  • Determine view permissions; decide which groups of staff have access to particular documents
  • Colour code documents; define your own colours and associate a colour with particular document types
  • Filter contents; use the powerful search facility to locate relevant documents
  • Sort; eg, by date, description, category
  • Expiry date; delete documents after they expire; eg consultation documents


Library resources referenced by the OTB Record of work component can instantly be obtained by teachers preparing lessons.