Allows parents to receive general and pupil specific information from the school.

The Parental Interface component involves parents in general school life and the progress of their child(ren).

Schools benefit from reduced printing and postage costs together with a reduction in the time associated with duplication, collation and distribution of paper leaflets.

Parents have no direct access to the OTB server. Parents can only access documents shared with them relating to their child(ren), eg reports, timetable, or general school news, newsletters, calendar events.

The powerful forms facility allows parents to respond to the school, eg online questionnaires, surveys, order forms. This is a versatile service providing a modern unique method of parental communication.

Parents, guardians or carers must satisfy a rigorous authentication process before they are accepted and approved. Only then is access to information possible.  

The forms are interactive providing the opportunity to engage and involve parents.  The school controls the content and design of forms.