Prepare, store and deliver messages to students. Replaces traditional methods used to contact individual students with a modern system, where messages are completed online, stored and shared with authorised users for onward transmission to students.

  • Rapid message deployment providing the maximum opportunity to reach the recipient while eliminating time locating the student
  • Eliminate searching timetables, locating teacher
  • Eliminate bulk emails to multiple staff
  • View previously entered and stored messages
  • Send messages to groups of students, eg all members of the orchestra
  • Eliminate tracking pupils; be confident your messages will reach the student
  • Eliminate time consuming telephone calls to multiple teachers
  • Reduce message preparation time, using pre-prepared message templates
  • School configurable; determine who can enter/view messages, how long to retain messages
  • Logs delivered messages, eg which teacher delivered the message, together with the date and time


Pending messages are visible to teachers of the intended recipient and appear in their class lists, register class lists etc

There is no need to locate the pupil or the teacher(s) concerned.