The behaviour monitoring and management module.

The design, layout and categories  and check boxes are configurable by the user and can be altered to reflect your changing requirements.      

A variety of school structures can be accommodated. OTB‘s flexibility allows users to tailor the system to their specific needs.  Some information is automatically populated by OTB, eg the date, the time or period, register teacher, house.

OnTheButton also knows the referring teacher’s “home” department so that is also entered.  All this saves valuable teacher time. The referral displays any flags / visual indicators, providing information about the pupil, eg medical conditions, learning attributes.

OTB can record positive behaviour.

OTB can generate an automatic and pre-defined email message to parents; this has been proved to promote improved behaviour. Parents love to hear positive comments about their children. OTB can do this, for all positive referrals, automatically.