Allows you to import and process data previously obtained from the website. stores information about your centre, eg group frameworks, and SCNs, achievements and entry status of candidates. Historic data can also be downloaded and processed.

  • Import ESOCR1 SQA data
  • Complies with format defined by SQA2
  • Accommodates 2 or more SQA centre numbers; eg for organisations with 2 or more centres, sharing a single OTB instance
  • Calculate UPS; unified points score
  • Provide easy access to UPS by all class teachers; data is included in their (subject) class screens
  • Choose which courses you are offering
  • Manage SQA qualification levels
  • Modify the UPS points associated with each level


Choose which courses you are offering and indicate the department offering the course, thus ensuring that imported results are displayed to staff in the correct department.

OTB can use colours to help differentiate UPS results.