Pupil lists

OnTheButton Lists comprises 3 elements: staff lists, pupil lists & an email client.  OnTheButton pupil lists are managed in a similar way to staff lists. OTB pupil lists allows you to group pupils together, eg football team, ECO group, museum excursion etc.  Used with flexi-data would allow points to be easily added for each pupil, perhaps those who have represented the school, eg band, prefects, school trip.

A list can be private or public.  Once grouped into a list you can:

  • view list
  • print list
  • change the display order

The print facility allows the user to specify how the list is formatted, in the final printout.  The printout can include user specified additional columns; this might be a convenient method to produce headed checklists.

Flags to alert staff to students on a behaviour card can be turned on and off quickly from the list.

Email client & Lists