OnTheButton  allows the presence/absence for each period, in subject classes, to be recorded and subsequently an analysis can be scheduled to alert key staff to any discrepancies.

Schools can define their own attendance codes.

A “teaching” class screen, includes a section for viewing and recording attendance.

  • The list of pre-defined school codes is displayed. Teachers can select, from this list, the appropriate option. 
  • The “fill-down” option allows the teacher to rapidly record the registration code.
  • If necessary, individual pupil entries can be amended as desired, eg to record pupils on Holiday, at college, etc


Once registration is recorded it will be visible to all staff, for example the register class teacher could review the period by period attendance for their cohort of pupils.

  • Use the power of OTB to run “analyses” for attendance discrepancies
  • No more laborious collation of discrepancies
  • Email these discrepancies (perhaps each period) to key staff