OTB can generate PDF files; these can be automatically emailed, as attachments. OTB PDF passwords allows OTB to apply a password to the PDF file(s) prior to it being attached to the email for the recipient.

This introduces a layer of protection for PDF documents generated in and transmitted by OTB.
Recipients must then enter their assigned password before they can open the PDF.

PDF passwords has been designed to work with all OTB components, which generate PDF files for transmission by OTB via email.

Typical use might be reports to parents.

There are multiple occasions when the preparation of passworded PDFs may be prudent.

  • allocate PDF passwords to parent email addresses
    • determine the structure for these passwords
  • allocate PDF passwords to other email addresses, eg
    • staff
    • external colleagues
  • determine which recipient email addresses will have a password applied to PDF attachments
  • OTB will assign the specified password to every PDF destined to that email address
  • apply individual password to emailed pupil reports
  • define boilerplate text, which will be applied to all emails which include a passworded PDF file, eg
    • who to contact for lost password
    • warning should email be sent to unauthorised user