OnTheButton is likely to contain sensitive data which pupils should not see. OnTheButton  projector reminders addresses the concern of inadvertently displaying information via a data projector to an unintended audience. Projector reminders will display an advice notice allowing the user to consider, freeze or disable any projector equipment, before proceeding to view information.

Projector reminders provides these parameters:

  • Provide a cautionary advice notice, allowing a projector to be turning off, before viewing possibly sensitive information
  • Determine which OTB screens might trigger projector reminders
  • Configure the reminder notice to display a school defined message for staff
  • Decide which staff roles should receive reminders, eg reminders may not be appropriate for users who don’t use data projectors (admin staff)
  • Decide which “periods” merit reminder notices, eg reminders after school hours may not be necessary
  • Determine the frequency of reminders, eg too often may not be appropriate